Protesters say don’t “sell the country”

Operation Sovereign – a self-proclaimed non-political movement designed to bring public awareness to all things related to The Bahamas – is lobbying government to do away with what the group said is its perceived plans to “sell the country”.

Adrian Francis, one of the organizers, said participants of the one-year advocacy group are focused on the mission as “everybody seems to be benefiting from our country except us”.

“There’s an Oban project for example, where the government of The Bahamas gave away 690 acers with a fraud signature, and the government expects us to sit back and say everything is ok? They’re giving away land as if land is cake,” said Francis.

“We’ve treasoned our society.”

Francis’ group was among a number of others that took to the Southern Recreational Grounds Wednesday morning, to protest what they said was the last year under Minnis administration rule.

“The persons who are here, the persons who are going to be on Bay street, we are sending a message and the message is very simple: Say no to WTO (World Trade Organization),” he said.

“There’s nothing in it for us. The benefits of WTO does not address the concerns we have.The Commercial Enterprise Bill (CEB) brought nothing to us, and it will bring nothing long term.”

Founder of Joseph Project, Derick Smith said, all they want is to be heard and to have a sit down with this administration to clarify matters they feel the government has remained quiet on.

“If you don’t stand for it,  it’ll happen,” said Smith. “If we don’t take this country now we will lose it.”