Private doctors ordered to suspend non-emergent visits

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — All private medical and dental practices in the country have been ordered to suspend routine and non-emergent visits with patients.

The new measure was outlined in an amendment to the COVID-19 emergency powers order issued today.

The order allows medical facilities to remain open, provided: “all private medical and dental practices shall eliminate all routine and non-emergency physical encounters with patients, and shall as best as possible provide all routine and non-emergency services using virtual or remote means excluding private renal dialysis facilities.

It continued: “Where physical interaction is a necessity due to a medical emergency there must be strict adherence to physical distancing and hygienic requirements.”



Can this be put in consideration please.
I believe if everyone wears a mask when leaving home, with God Grace and Mercy..this will be over sooner then later.
Reason for that, if the virus comes from the mouth and it is kinda silence, meaning you do not know who may or may not have it…KEEP THE MOUTH COVER WHEN OUT YOUR HOUSE.
Thank you

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