Presidente closes summer with local, international artists

The Presidente Summer Series is set to close tonight with its final summer concert in Pompey Square in Downtown, Nassau.

At an exclusive press party on Friday, invited guest got the chance to engage with the concert’s headliners Wendi Lewis-Knight and Dyson Knight, as well as special guest artist, Kes the Band.

The couple told the media that they are excited to finally get back on stage and have a great time with the crowd. They also said that their goal is to spread joy and happiness while on stage.

“We are so happy to be a part of this finale event and we are going to rock the house the way Dyson and Wendi do,” said Lewis-Knight.

Knight, who was also excited about the turn said, it was “definitely brilliant to have this opportunity to represent The Bahamas in the Presidente whole scheme of summer.

No stranger to performing in The Bahamas as Presidente has brought the international artist here before, Kes expressed excitement ahead of tonight’s show and said he wishes he had more time to explore the island.

Wellington Seymour, executive sales manager of Bahamian Brewery and Company Limited, spoke about the artist and said Presidente always brings out the best.

“If it’s Reggae, Presidente has made sure we get the best in Reggae. If it’s Soca, Presidente will make sure we have the best in Soca,” said Seymour.


This article was written by GINELLE LONGLEY, Eyewitness News intern.