Potter’s Cay dock gets its first union



The Bahamas Docks and Allied Venues Association (BDAVA) made history Friday as the first officially recognized  union to represent Potter’s Cay dock vendors.

The union’s formation comes as vendors are awaiting upgrade the dock, promised by the government since taking office in May 2017.

The dock has received a bad reputation throughout the years, as a result of break-ins to stalls, poor lighting, and security – particularly during the night time.

The association is sanctioned by the government and is moving with full force to increase membership from the existing 20.


This group of vendors is a disgruttle group of vendors who wants to have their own way by beating the system. Potter’s Cay Dock fish fruit and vegetable vendors association is (PCDFFVVA)the first and only recognized active and established association which is also affiliated with Trade Union Congress. It was born in 1976 and registered in 1998 with a constitition.
This Bahamas Dock alliance venues association.Is not a registered association as yet because it is still in the hands of the director of labour for review because or allege fraudulent documentation of another.
Their membership is consisted of anyone around the dock wether you have a permit from the government or not illegal immigrants who set up around the dock without out proper regulations and workers of stall vendors.
Potter’s Cay Dock fish fruit and vegetable vendors association. Is a group of legitimate vendors who are in compliance with the rules and regulations, of the government. We are 62 strong and growing we had to weed out the bad apples and move forward we are nutural and believe in negotiating and coming up with solutions whilst we partnership with any government to make things better for the vendors the public and our tourist at large

I can personally say, that Minister Wells and Minister Gray has found pleasure in working with the President Mrs Ormanique Bowe who has been the President from September 2015 she went in unopposed then and again unopposed on May 7th 2018 because of this same group of individuals was threatened by her style of leadership, skill and passion for the vendors at Potters Cay.

I Ormanique BOWE has approved this message.

Motto: For I know the plans I have for you,
Declares the Lord, plans to prosper,
plans to give you hope and a future.
Jeremiah 29:11

To provide quality representation for
all seafood marine, fruits, conch & fishing vendors
throughout Nassau and Family Islands

The Bahamas Docks and Allied Venues Association is in possession of a documented post that appeared on the EWNEWS Website which contains erroneous false, and misleading information as it pertains to the registration of the Union. One Ormanique Bowe who is said to approve the post is no doubt delusional in her assertion, that the BDAAVA is not a registered association.
Therefore, the association is posting a copy of its duly registered certificate dated 10th May 2018, signed, sealed, paid and issued by the former Registrar of Trade Union Mr. Robert Farquharson to put a blatant lie to the Bowe lady’s assertion.

Ms. Bowe who purports to have been re-elected unopposed to the Potters Cay Docks Association must and will understand that the BDAAVA will not tolerate any further false and misleading
Statements and will move to have our attorneys deal with them in the requisite legal venue.

Further she will do well to make sure that her association is in order and that she was properly re-elected in accordance with section 20(2) of the Industrial Relation Act. We trust that every position mentioned in her constitution were placed on the secret ballots and that the elections were duly supervised by the Ministry of Labour appointed personnel. If not, her members are following and dealing with a bogus president.

In fact, the BDAVA has reliable information that her association was issued a letter like several other union/association informing them about their failure to submit audited Annual Returns for several years contrary to section 30 of the Act can and will result in the re-registration of their union/association.

Former members can attest to the fact that she has never shown them a copy of any financial statement of her association.

The BDAVA unlike Bowe’s Association can organize vendors on all docks and Allied Venues in the Bahamas and will move too do so post haste. The BDAAVA will not be deterred, intimidated or side tracked by any person who acts like a tyrant or a bully who believes that Potters Cay Dock is their personal property. Good Riddance

The BDAVA our actions will speak louder that words. This association will display integrity, honesty, accountability, professionalism, respect, reliability, commitment, dedication and loyalty to all vendors throughout the Bahamas. We are here to serve and give excellent representation as “It’s the Vendors Time”

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