Post Office still inoperable

Post Office still inoperable
The General Post Office (GPO) on East Hill Street.

It could take another six weeks before normal operations resume at the General Post Office on East Hill Street, according to the union representing workers.

Electrical issues and a faulty back-up generator, are to blame for the inoperable conditions at the country’s main mail hub.

It’s been a little over one month since operations have been interrupted.

Local government minister Frankie Campbell confirmed Tuesday that government held a meeting on Monday to discuss the issue.

A damaged breaker panel is to blame for the electrical issues currently plaguing the facility.

An aged generator is also to blame for an inadequate supply of back-up electricity and air condition supply throughout the building.

The issues currently plaguing the facility have not only greatly affected mail operations in New Providence, but has also impacted mail services on Family Islands as well.

Campbell confirmed that a hunt is underway for a replacement part for the breaker panel.

“The part that is needed because is an old part, more than 30 years old, so they have to go and search for it or the manufacturers have to make it,” confirmed Campbell.

“I am advised that there is an urgent search going on. If we can find it we will be able to make the repairs in a week or two. If not, it’ll take at least 6 weeks to be manufactured.”

Employees have been forced to sit outside of the main building for two consecutive weeks.

Campbell called for employees to be relocated to various satellite stations throughout New Providence, however, with the general mail hub still inoperable; his plan has not proven fruitful.

Government is expected to relocate the post to the old Phil’s Food Services building on Gladstone Road.

Campbell provided an update on how that process is progressing.

“As it relates to moving, we have acquired the building. There are some renovations and some retrofitting that needs to be done to ensure that it is specific to the work of the post office,” shared Campbell.

“I don’t want to give any timeline because I am relying on another agency to do the work. I have arranged to have regular meetings every Monday moving forward until we get to a point where we move in.

“But at this point I have been given the understanding that the funds are there, but they have to do some drawings and then the work will start.”

In a recent interview conducted with Campbell, he revealed that the relocation process is expected to be completed by December 2019.