Ports International launches online store

Ports International launches online store

Medical supplier Ports International has launched its eCommerce online store, offering a selection of its most popular medical consumable and general merchandise health products with free delivery.

The new online home health care supply store also has a complete range of medical supplies and equipment, with all the options for patients and/or medical facilities.

In a press statement, the medical supplier said a real time online chat feature helps ensure that any customer queries are answered promptly.

Product categories include: assisted walking devices, bandages and wound care, bathroom safety, blood pressure, breast pumps, compression aids, cushions, diabetes care, first aid, gloves, heating pads, hot/cold packs, incontinence products, medical equipment, medical furniture, nebulizers, orthopedics, personal protective equipment, rollators, scales, wheelchairs, scooters and hospital beds.  Customers can select delivery, pick-up, and shipping to the Family Islands.

Michele Rassin-Moodie said: “Ports wants to make sure our customers get the best medical supplies for themselves and their loved ones whilst remaining as safe as possible during these unprecedented times.

“We believe we have a responsibility to safely deliver essential medical supplies and therefore created our online store solution.  Our priority is supporting the communities we love and protecting our Ports family by implementing innovative solutions that are aligned today’s social distancing guidelines.”

Ports International has also rolled out curbside pickup at their Airport Industrial Park location.

Social distancing, cleaning and maintenance procedures, according to CDC best practices, are in place along with mask requirement protocols.


So proud we at Thyme Online were able to help Ports make this happen.

E-commerce has been long overdue in The Bahamas, but situations like this prove it’s an essential goal for any retailer.

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