Pop-up Physios entering the sports realm

Pop-up Physios entering the sports realm

In an effort to help with the development of athletes in the country, Pop-up Physios is stepping into the sporting realm to ensure athletes of all ages are educated on the importance of rehab and injury prevention.

Pop-up Physios founder Cordero Bonamy said a lot of local athletes fail to properly treat and rehab their injuries, which ultimately results in greater injuries down the line.

“If you look at someone like Lebron James, he spends millions of dollars every year trying to ensure that his body performs at a high level,” Bonamy said.

“We plan to host an event this month with Wolf Fitness Club, The Bahamian Dream Fitness and Physique Total Fitness to help educate the public on the importance of physiotherapy and all of its benefits. We want those that aren’t athletes to move away from living sedentary lives and get them up and moving.

“Regardless of your level of fitness, there is always something to learn. So, we will go from body posture to body mechanics and also how they can prevent cardiovascular diseases like stroke, hypertension, and diabetes.”

Last October, Pop-up Physios held its first sports clinic, which placed an emphasis on stretching, and proper training techniques.

“We just gave about 30 athletes a presentation and an assessment, teaching them what they need to be doing, flexibility and hydration,” Bonamy added. “After the event, they told us that they had wished they had something like that before. Even some older athletes said the knowledge was crucial and wished that these things were available in The Bahamas before this.”

This week, Pop-Up Physios ventured off into golf, making an appearance at the Bahamas Aids Foundation’s first annual Charity Golf Tournament. According to Bonamy, the company will attend several other sporting events over the course of the summer.