Poor service at Social Services sparks outrage



Dozens of Bahamians seeking social assistance were up in arms Wednesday as they were forced to wait hours for help from Social Services Welfare Department on Robinson Road.

A number of senior citizens complained to Eyewitness News that they are forced to wait long hours before being assisted by social services staff, who they claim on many occasions, have reportedly given dozens of elderly persons a run around before offering some form of help financially.

The social assistance program usually provides the underprivileged with an outlet to access vouchers for purchasing food, a bank swipe card for monthly food allowances and funding for educational programs as well.

Area residents also told Eyewitness News yesterday that they are not only forced to wait long hours for service, but claimed they are not treated humanely.

Eyewitness News attempted to get a comment from social services minister Frankie Campbell yesterday, however, he was unavailable for comment.