Police want an increase in salary

Police want an increase in salary

Miller: officers have worked for nearly 20 years with no increase


NASSAU, BAHAMAS – Police officers are once again agitating for government to consider allocating additional funds into its annual budget to accommodate salary increases, according to Sonny Miller, President of the Police Staff Association.

Police have been requesting salary increases for a number of years now and Miller said officers are still looking for some type of proper remuneration for their commitment to service.

“We know that government is getting ready to move in its mid-term budget. From the last indication that we got the country was rebounding so we know that we need something,” Miller asserted in a recent interview.

“Since our last increase. The national insurance went up several times on us; Value Added Tax was increased and nothing has been added to our salary. It’s been far too long.”

Miller said officers have worked for nearly 20 years without a pay increase.

He noted that recent crime statistics illustrate a reduction in serious crime and asserted that police should be rewarded for their efforts.

While the association continues to agitate for pay raises, Miller has also called for monies to be allocated for upgrades to various police stations in New Providence and the Family Islands.

“I can tell you that there were major renovations done at the Quackoo Street Police Station, the Central Police Station and the Grove Police Station,” Miller said.

“But, they’re still lacking a whole lot of other stuff and we hope that if the commissioner is unable to fund the renovations then we will be calling on the government because we need help.

“Our members are producing so at least give us the good working environment that we need.”

Miller remains hopeful that the association’s requests will receive a positive response.

In the meantime, he said the association will consult with its members before stating their next move.