Police social programmes to be revised in wake of domestic violence

Police social programmes to be revised in wake of domestic violence
National Security Minister, Marvin Dames.

Minister of National Security Marvin Dames said Tuesday that his ministry will be taking a holistic approach to addressing the country’s domestic violence problem, as it will now team up with community centers to assist in the promotion of conflict resolution.

The move comes as three people lost their lives recently, in domestic disputes.

“There are a lot of social problems out there, mental issues, and people that are going through an inordinate amount of stress caused by any number of factors and sometimes they keep it to themselves,” Dames said.

“We are expected to launch, in a few short weeks, our National Neighbor Watch Council, which we’re hoping will bridge the gap between the community and the police.”

The national security minister spoke to the press outside Cabinet on the country’s most recent murder/suicide involving a husband and a wife.

According to police reports, the man now identified as Shawn Bethel, shot his wife to death during an alleged argument and then turned the gun on himself.

The couple left behind three children.

Dames pointed out that there were, in fact, police officers patrolling the Yellow Elder community shortly before the incident occurred, but he noted, it wasn’t enough to save any of the lives that were lost.

“On Sunday, I had an opportunity, along with the Yellow Elder Gardens Association executives and the executives from Mount Moriah constituency teams, to meet with the … children,” he said.

“I spoke to a few of the neighbors along with the [family] involved in this past weekend’s domestic violence.

“We’re praying for all the families involved, especially the kids.”

Last week, famed Bahamian bodybuilder Paul Melbourne was stabbed to death at his residence in New Providence during a domestic dispute with a female.

And on March 2, a man on Eleuthera set himself on fire. It is alleged that the man made several attempts to re-enter a relationship with his ex-girlfriend before setting himself ablaze. He died two weeks later.