Police renews zero tolerance on crime

Police renews zero tolerance on crime

Assistant Commissioner of Police Clayton Fernander says police remain resolved to stomp out the criminal element in the wake of their fallen comrade who was shot and killed last week.

During a press conference yesterday morning hours before a 48-year old man was charged with the murder of Police Inspector Carlis Blatch, aide-de-camp to the Governor General, ACP Fernander said hardened criminals have been put on notice.

“We won’t stand by and let a handful of cowards and thugs destroy this community, we will die before we allow that to happen,” Fernander said.

He added that serious crimes are trending down and police officers remain resolved in ensuring that they finish this year “strong.” Fernander, however, lamented that their job is compounded when prolific offenders are released on bail and commit additional crimes.

“If you charge someone today for murder and the next two or three months he is shopping in the grocery store next to you something is wrong with that,” he said.

“We will do our part and the record will show we did our part but we will stay in our lane.”

Police he said have made significant inroads in regards to crime and have also been successful in leading a number of major operations

“The record is there; crime is down…. we have done some good work.”

Fernander said as the year comes to a close police will be aggressively pursuing criminals.