Police kill man

Police kill man

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Police shot and killed a man after he allegedly pointed a weapon at officers on mobile patrol in Seabreeze Estates.

The man has not been officially identified; however, Eyewitness News can confirm the deceased is 27-year-old Steve Voltaire.

Voltaire was charged in connection with three murders in 2018, and was reportedly being electronically monitored as a bail condition.

Superintendent Shanta Knowles told media crews at the scene the patrol officers noticed a man on a moped while patrolling the area shortly after 1pm on Tuesday.

“When the male recognized the officers, he attempted to conceal something into his waistband,” Knowles said.

“The officers continued to watch him; at that time they realized the man was in possession of a firearm.

“He pointed the weapon at the officers, who in turn drew their service weapons and fired in the direction of the man, fatally wounding him.”

Knowles said police were still in the early stages of their investigation; however, she noted the matter will be turned over to Her Majesty’s Coroner.

She confirmed the victim was known to police, and was being monitored.

Knowles later confirmed a weapon was recovered from the scene.

At the scene, several community residents voiced their displeasure over the police handling of the encounter that led to the fatal shooting.

Knowles acknowledged the sensitivity of the matter, but maintained officers are “well-trained”.

“They act in a professional manner,” she said.

“They are committed to protecting the good people of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas and they will not back down from that.”

She added: “We want to tell those in the community that we will continue to protect the people in the Commonwealth of The Bahamas. Of course, there will be people who oppose what we do, but we will not let that cause us to lose focus.”