Police investigating murder and attempted suicide in Grand Bahama

Police investigating murder and attempted suicide in Grand Bahama

Police are investigating a murder and attempted suicide after a man jumped from the third floor balcony of an apartment complex in Grand Bahama as a woman’s lifeless body lay inside.

The woman was found with multiple stab wounds at a complex in South Bahamia shortly before 9pm on Tuesday.

However, officers called to the scene also met a man – believed to be in his 30s – attempting to jump off the balcony.

Video clips circulated on social media depict a tense stand-off between police and the man, who stood on the balcony’s railing as officers and others pleaded for him to step down and to let them attend to the woman.

In one clip, the man could be seen turned to face the apartment building with his arms outstretched.

He was shirtless and wearing shorts, and could be heard shouting in on clip shouting “she lied on me.”

“She dead, she dead,” the man can be heard saying in another one of the short clips that went viral Tuesday evening.

Another man replied: “I need to get to her please, let me get to her.”

“No, she dead, she dead,” the man standing on the balcony said.

“I need to see that for myself,” the other man insisted repeatedly, “I need to know that for myself.”

Officers were on one side of the balcony and could be seen attempting to edge past the man.

In one clip, officers can be seen walking near the man, and a man in a striped shirt appears to try and grab him.

However, the man turns suddenly and jumps off the balcony as the other man clutches the air after him.

Police believe the two incidents are connected.

“Officers spoke to the male, in an attempt to prevent him from harming himself, but to no avail,” read a police statement.

“The male jumped from the third floor to the ground. He  was attended to on scene by EMS personnel, taken to the Rand Memorial Hospital, where he is listed in critical condition.”