Police investigating alleged assault by PM’s brother

Police investigating alleged assault by PM’s brother
A photo of Cyril "Boxer" Minnis (left) and Tiffany Dennison (right) shortly after the incident.

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – Grand Bahama attorney Tiffany Dennison said she fears for her life after she was allegedly verbally and physically attacked by the prime minister’s brother on Wednesday.

Attorney Tiffany Dennison

Dennison claims businessman Cyril Minnis, known as “Boxer”,  punched her in the face as the pair got into a heated exchange outside the Registrar General’s Department in the Fidelity building.

The attorney said the terrifying attack has left her with a blurry left eye, tingling in her ear, and a sore jaw.

In an interview with Eyewitness News Online, she said racial and misogynistic slurs hurled at her represent years-long abuse due to her involvement in a legal matter back in 2006.

The incident took place around 1.15pm, and has been reported to the police, it was confirmed yesterday.

“I was outside the Registrar General Department at the Fidelity building. (Minnis) he came out the door, and he was never my client so I didn’t recognize his face. I didn’t know who he was until he started screaming about the case.

Dennison continued: “He was on the phone and cursing, calling me a white b–ch, a white gangster, about how I have his money.

“I was with clients at the time, and he has door open so everyone in the Registrar’s, they can hear it, they are furious themselves. I said I don’t know what this is about I said to him this has nothing to do with me.

She said: “He kept going so I told him to shut the f–k up and sit the f–k down.”

Dennison said it was then Minnis began threatening to hit her.

“All I said is do it one time and you’ll be in Fox Hill,” she continued.

“And he did, and after they pulled him he was still coming, still cussing at me.

“The police came, and he told the police I’m a woman and I need to know my place.”

“How do you feel strong doing that in a crowd full of people,” she said.

“It’s a sad situation of our country. I’m afraid for my life at this point.”


I would hope they throw the book at scum like this! Punching a woman and telling her to know her place? He is an absolute disgrace!!

There is no justice for the innocent in this Bahamas its corrupt to the core….I would luv to see how this one turns out……I could almost see the outcome….it will be like Dennison vs. Minnis -Minnis this is going to be good.

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