Police investigate armed robbery and rape of woman

Police investigate armed robbery and rape of woman
A still from video footage showing of a trio of males being beaten and interrogated by members of the community in June 2021.

Viral video purportedly shows suspects tied up and beaten by community members

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Police are investigating the circumstances of an alleged armed robbery and rape of a woman said to have occurred on Mackey Street shortly after 5am on Wednesday.

According to reports, a woman was walking along the street when she was accosted by three males, one of whom was armed with a firearm.

Police said the men robbed the woman of cash and personal items.

The suspects also reportedly took the woman to the rear of a vacant building and sexually assaulted her.

A video of three men being beaten and interrogated by a group of people was circulated on social media on Wednesday.

The men had ropes tied around their necks and bodies, and they were visibly bloodied about the body, seemingly shaken.

Another video from another angle showed several people gathered around the three men. At one point in the video, one man appears to strike one of the alleged suspects several times.

Police said they believe the trio is connected to the rape and robbery incident.

“During the police investigations, it was discovered that a 17-year-old male who was in the video presented himself to the Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH) for medical attention,” police advised.

The minor was arrested and taken into custody.

In one nearly 40-second clip, onlookers can be heard questioning the three men, asking: “Which one of y’all run up on the woman?”

In the video, one of the men accused another of approaching a woman with a gun, taking her phone and carrying it to someone else before returning to the scene.

He said: “She run in the middle of the road and start screaming ‘Jesus’. Then she drop. He lift her up and drag her in the cut.”

The man recounting the story said he knew what happened because he watched it.

Police are still looking for two of the suspects from the video.

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