Police have person of interest in Long Island murders, says MP

Police have person of interest in Long Island murders, says MP

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – Police reportedly have a “person of interest” in custody after the bodies of two women were found buried in Long Island, according to MP Adrian Gibson.

The bodies were found in a shallow grave just two days after relatives reported a mother and daughter missing from their home in Salt Pond.

Jane Harding, 62, and Melissa Hui, 34, were last seen at their home on Tuesday evening.

A search team organized by members of the community, along with a team of officers with K-9 support from New Providence, found the bodies near the beach in Salt Pond on Saturday.

No official identifications of the remains have been made.

Gibson confirmed police had a person of interest in custody in a statement expressing support for the community.

“I am deeply saddened and troubled by what has occurred,” Gibson said.

“To have their lives abruptly taken for reasons we will never understand has truly shaken our community to the core.

“In such as time as this, I remind Long Islanders of the importance of family and the community values which have shaped our Island. Indeed, we are a resilient people.”

Gibson offered his condolences to the family of the women and encourage anyone with information to cooperate with police.

“My hope is that this will further strengthen us as a community and that we will show our full love, support and solidarity with the bereaved family,” he said.

Police said they are investigating the deaths as homicides.