Police crime strategies showing progress, says COP

Police crime strategies showing progress, says COP
Commissioner of Police Anthony Ferguson

Police efforts focused in Killarney amid spate of armed robberies

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Commissioner of Police Anthony Ferguson suggested the adjustment of the Royal Bahamas Police Force’s policing strategies amid a spate of armed robberies in the Killarney constituency and wider New Providence has showed signs of improvement.

“Crime is a fluid thing; sometimes it is up and sometimes it is down,” he told reporters during a recent interview.

“And, we were concerned with the number of break-ins in the Killarney area.

“Since that has happened, we have deployed officers in the various locations in that western district.

“Things are looking pretty good at the moment and we will continue to do our best to make sure that we have a hand on what is actually happening.”

As it relates to his policing plan, the commissioner noted there have been additional, focused efforts to suppress crime across New Providence based on recent trends of crime.

He said: “It is going quite well. There is no; you cannot say nothing will happen, but it means for officers to be really vigilant as they go out at all times.”

Last month, Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis acknowledged the increase in armed robberies and home invasions as he declared the government and relevant authorities will “get a handle of it and we will control it”.

Authorities were yesterday searching for a man who they believe to be responsible for robbing a woman on Saturday night.

According to reports, the woman was standing next to her vehicle on the Eastern Road around 11 pm when an armed man approached her and robbed her of her vehicle — a blue Nissan Versa with license plate: AR8486.

The increased spate of armed robberies dates back to November 2019.

At the time, authorities suggested the spate of incidents was not representative of an increase.

Crime reports continue to be inundated with armed robberies.

Armed robbery increased 12 percent last year — from 474 matters in 2018 to 531 matters in 2019.

Robbery dropped from 108 cases in 2018 to 95 cases in 2019 — a 12 percent drop.

Crimes against property dropped nine percent overall.

For example, housebreakings declined from 879 cases to 684 — a 22 percent drop.

Last November, the United States Department of State warned its citizens traveling to The Bahamas to exercise “increased caution” as violent crime, such as “burglaries, armed robberies and sexual assault, occurs even during the day in tourist areas”.