Police continues to investigate country’s latest homicide

Police continues to investigate country’s latest homicide

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – On Wednesday, police continued their investigation into the country’s 11th homicide, which occurred in Fox Hill on Tuesday night.

According to police reports, the body was discovered shortly after 8:00 p.m. on Tuesday night in a vacant lot on Bernard Road just west of the Fox Hill Park.

Police said the body had multiple wounds.

As of yesterday, police had not yet released the identification of the male victim, but they did state that he is believed to be in his 40’s and is also known to police.

Press liaison officer Superintendent Shanta Knowles told the media at Tuesday’s crime scene that officers were travelling west of the Fox Hill park when they saw persons running from that area.

“We called EMS  [emergency medical services] who attempted to revive him, however, he was pronounced dead on the scene. We are very early in this investigation, we know there were people who ran from this area, and we want those persons to come forward,” Supt. Knowles said.

The press liaison officer also noted that Tuesday’s murder did not appear to be connected to any of the previous murders recorded in 2019.

“We are looking for information and once we get information we will then be able to determine exactly what is the cause, but the incidents appear to be random,” she said.

Also at Tuesday’s murder scene in Fox Hill was the former member of parliament for the area Fred Mitchell, who expressed that he had known the victim and his family.

“I know the young man [and he has] a huge family, the Fowler’s. He is very well known and it’s just another tragedy,” Mitchell lamented.

“There’s a young man who lives not too far and I was just telling him that it is too much violence going on with young people in these communities. This is why we kept fighting for the Fox Hill Community Center.

“The programs have not been able to work successfully [and now] the government is withdrawing its funding,” Mitchell claimed.

Last weekend, four murders were recorded in the span of 48 hours and on Tuesday, Supt. Knowles said police are in search of Mario Brown for questioning.

Last year, during this same period, a total of 14 murders had been recorded. murders had been recorded. This figure represents a 21 per cent decrease in comparison to 2019.