Police Commissioner says crime going in the right direction

Police Commissioner says crime going in the right direction
RBPF Commissioner, Anthony Ferguson.

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – As the year nears its end, Commissioner of Police Anthony Ferguson said he is pleased with the direction of the fight against crime and noted that despite the increase in murders from last year, “there are no major issues”.

The murder count stands at 96, according to Eyewitness News’ records, surpassing last year’s total count of 91.

Crime reports in recent months have been inundated with armed robberies, the majority of which have involved men or businesses in New Providence.

Authorities and government officials have acknowledged spikes in armed robberies but maintained that there has not been an increase in this category of crime, though data has not been presented to validate that statement.

Despite the challenges that I spoke about last week, September and partial of October, I think things are going pretty well,” he told reporters during the 2019 Boxing Day Junkanoo Parade.

“I’m pleased with the direction that it’s [going]. The officers are doing an extremely good job and we will continue to do a good job straight to the end of the year and into next year.”

Asked about the murder count surpassing last year’s number’s, Ferguson said, “It’s slightly over the count last year but there are no major issues.

“When we analyze the circumstances surrounding the incident, I’ll let you know that in my meeting to press in another couple of days.”

Earlier this month, Ferguson said there was a spike in murders following the deadly Hurricane Dorian which devastated Grand Bahama and Abaco in early September.

The COP said prior to the storm the murder count stood at 61. However, he said after the storm passed, the policing strategy had to be changed in order to accommodate the pressing issues in the storm ravaged areas.

Last year, The Bahamas saw its lowest murder count since 2010, when 94 murders were recorded.  The Bahamas is on track to have the lowest murder count since 2010, when 94 murders were recorded.

There were 122 murders in 2017 and 111 in 2016. The official murder count for 2015 is 146.

One hundred and twenty-three murders were recorded in 2014; 119 in 2013; 111 in 2012; and 127 in 2011.