Police commissioner orders investigation into bodyslam video

Police commissioner orders investigation into bodyslam video

Twenty-three people arrested at the sports lounge on Balfour Ave.

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Commissioner of Police Paul Rolle has launched an investigation into video of a police officer body slamming a man during an arrest outside the Village Pub on Balfour Avenue.

The officer in question has been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation, according to a statement.

The Royal Bahamas Police Force said it was aware of a video making the rounds on social media regarding “an incident depicting images of a police officer effecting an arrest using force”.

“The Royal Bahamas Police Force wishes to maintain a professional standard and a good working relationship with members of the public,” read a statement.

“We [will] ensure that this matter is investigated in a timely manner with the results brought to the public’s attention.

“Anyone with information of this incident is invited to contact the deputy commissioner of police at telephone numbers 302-8416 or 302-8420.”

The video of the arrest outside the restaurant and sports lounge appeared to be captured via closed-circuit television on the outside of the business.

The minute and a half video that was widely circulated yesterday was dated August 29 and time-stamped 8.40pm.

In the video, patrons can be seen fleeing the restaurant as officers drew near.

According to the latest emergency orders, social gatherings shall be allowed with a maximum of 20 people at a private residence or facility.

An officer clad in black, rushes in and out of the frame before reappearing moments later clutching a man in a white shirt.

The officer wrapped his hands around the man and body-slammed him to the ground.

The officer then stood over him, nudged him with his foot and placed his knee of his back for at least 10 seconds before releasing the hold and stomping on him with his foot.

As the officer begins to walk away, the man on the ground attempts to get up, prompting the officer to return and push him back to the ground.

A second officer could be seen just feet away handcuffing another man against the car.

The officer, who had just pushed the man, then began chasing a man with another third officer, all of whom exit the frame of the recording.

This was the second time in recent weeks officers have made arrested at the Village Pub.

Last month, the alleged proprietor of the Village Pub was arrested after police responded to an unauthorized social gathering.

Yesterday, Commissioner of Police Paul Role told reporters 23 people were arrested at the Village Pub.

The commissioner said over the last few days the police force has had to clamp down on several parties, including a nightclub event on Thursday night where 12 to 15 people were detained.

He encouraged residents to adhere to the emergency orders as the police do not wish to arrest people.

“We encourage them to abide and hopefully we will soon get out of this pandemic and be able to enjoy themselves with the various parties, but wherever we find these breaches we are going to be taking action and decisive action,” said Rolle, acknowledging the public’s fatigue with the orders.”