Police call for stiffer penalties for traffic offenses


Police are calling for stiffer penalties for drivers who fail to adhere to the rules of the road.

Many people are questioning whether the local laws regarding traffic deaths are strict enough.

Maronique Hall, 24, recently plead guilty to killing a 54-year-old man during a hit-and-run with an unlicensed and uninsured vehicle on January 29 this year. Hall however, was actually only ordered to pay $12,000 in fines and served no jail time. It’s the lack of stiffer penalties that are a cause for concern for officers including Traffic Chief Superintendent, Craig Stubbs.

“We’ve heard the public’s outcry but it’s the law,” said Stubbs. “The courts are guided by what’s law and whatever is issued by the court is documented by law.”


Stubbs however is hoping that the laws on the books regarding traffic incidents, ones resulting in fatalities in particular, are revised to reflect a more meaningful penalty.

“It has been discussed in previous years for the amendment of the Road Traffic Act,” he said. “We look forward to further discussion of the amendment of the Act. It will assist us greatly and eliminate a lot of these minor incidents or major accidents we see on the streets of New Providence.”

In the meantime, Stubbs is urging motorists and pedestrians to be more aware when traveling.

“If we continue at this rate,” he said, “the country is set to match or surpass last year’s traffic fatality count of 54.”