PM’s brother denies assault claim

PM’s brother denies assault claim
Businessman Cyril Minnis

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – Businessman Cyril Minnis yesterday rebuffed claims he struck a Grand Bahama lawyer in the face during a heated row outside a government office.

Attorney Tiffany Dennison filed a police complaint against Minnis last week.

The pair got into a heated exchange outside the Freeport Registrar General’s Department in the Fidelity building on Wednesday.

Yesterday, Minnis declined to provide details concerning the alleged dispute.

However, he said: “When the police came on the scene, she said I strike her. Now you’ll know for sure if I weigh 300-odd pounds and I strike her, a white person, or even slap a white person, you don’t think marks would be placed on her face?

“You don’t think the marks would be on her face? So if no marks was on her face, no swell was on her face.”

Dennison claims the attack stems from a longstanding dispute over her involvement in a legal matter back in 2006.

She further alleged the altercation has left her with a blurry left eye, tingling in her ear, and a sore jaw.

The incident reportedly took place around 1.15pm.