PMH shuts down its registration desk

PMH shuts down its registration desk

Members of the public expressed outrage at the Princess Margaret Hospital’s (PMH) unannounced decision to shut down its registration desk Monday morning.

While a reason for the closure has not been sepcified, sources speculate the shutdown was due to a strike of the hospital’s workers. The shutdown left dozens inconvenienced, with registration have to be relocated to the Accident and Emergency (A&E) area.

While hospital representatives would not go on record, Public Hospitals Authority (PHA) released this statement apologizing to its patients:

“Management of the Princess Margaret Hospital wishes to advise the general public that Patient Registration services have been redirected from the main registration window located in the Pharmacy waiting are, to the General Business Office and the Accident & Emergency Registration area at this time.

“Management also wishes to report that while patients can expect delays in the registration process, there has been no denial of service and patient care.

“Management apologizes for any inconvenience caused, and appreciates the cooperation of the public during this time.”

Despite the statement, there was still no explanation as to why the registration department on a Monday morning was closed.

Monday’s inconvenience follows a string of other challenges the hospital has faced recently

Last week, Health Minister Dr. Duane Sands addressed concerns raised by Eyewitness News regarding patients sleeping in cots in the hallways.

The hospital is also said to be dealing with mold growing in the maternity ward which is expected to cost the nation some $140 million to rebuild.

This combined with other functional costs such as for out of service elevators, continue to overshadow the good the hospital has been doing every day.