PMH gets new radiology and x-ray system

PMH gets new radiology and x-ray system

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – An upgraded radiology and x-ray system was launched by the Princess Margaret Hospital on Monday, which will allow scans to be sent and accessed across networks within seconds.

Director of Radiology Solange Payne said the radiology and x-ray system, which has been in the making for a very long time, will not only save time and money, but is expected to bring relief many.

Senior Network Administrator at PMH, Andrew Dean said the capacity of the system is widespread and over 10,000 studies have been done in New Providence alone.

“The system is very robust,” Dean said.  “We are quite impressed with it. We have all of the Department of Public Health clinics currently connected to our network. This simply means that once a referring physician requests any type of x-ray or scan to be done, and once it’s completed at The Princess Margaret Hospital, that information is available for everyone on the network.”

ICT Consultant Montino Roberts said this upgrade has filled a huge gap as it leads to a more accurate and efficient diagnosis and at the same time it improves patient care.

According to Roberts, the country is averaging 100,000 images annually, and he expects this to increase with the new equipment.

“With 98 clinics in our country, it is impossible to have radiologists stationed at every one,  apart from having only 9 radiologists in the Bahamas,” Roberts said. “This small number of radiologists is insufficient for this program, but the computers aid in the gap.”

Meanwhile, Payne, the Director of Radiology said there are a number of students studying radiology at the University of the West Indies and it is hoped that they will return to the Bahamas to shore-up the sector.