PM to North Abaconians: “Don’t be fooled by the PLP”

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis said yesterday that while the Free National Movement (FNM) is committed to rebuilding Abaco over the “long term” and has plans to promote its economy and residents, a vote for the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) would see the island ignored, and “corruption and scandal” resume on day one.

“The FNM is committed to rebuilding Abaco over the long term, after all the destruction by Hurricane Dorian,” Minnis said during a drive-in rally on North Abaco as he asked residents to return FNM incumbent Darren Henfield to the House of Assembly.

“We have done much work, but there is still more work to be done.

“If you re-elect Darren and the FNM, you know we will keep fighting to get you back to where you were on this island before Dorian and even better.

“North Abaco, no party should ever take the support of any constituency for granted.

“I want you to know that I have heard and I understand your many concerns and your needs.

“…The FNM is asking you and I am asking you for the opportunity to continue the work we started for Abaco and the Abaco cays before Hurricane Dorian and the COVID-19 pandemic struck us here in The Bahamas.”

He added: “We know that we need to exhilarate this work and other plans.

“The pandemic has slowed some of our restoration work, but we are still at it.

“We remain determined to ensure Abaco is one of the most vibrant economies here in The Bahamas.

“In our new term we are going to create the extended disaster recovery program for Abaco and this program will apply to the hardest-hit areas in Abaco.”

Minnis insisted the PLP is not the party for the Family Islands.

He asked the electorate not to be “fooled by the PLP”.

“They will promise and promise and promise, but you know, they will never deliver to you,” Minnis said.

He continued: “Do not be fooled by Brave Davis.

“Do not be fooled by the PLP. They mean you no good.

“Their campaign is for power. They want to get back at your money.

“Every PLP administration has ended in spectacular corruption and scandal.”

He stressed that remaining with the FNM will see a government that develops The Bahamas, creates jobs and Bahamian businesses, and invests in young people and Family Islands infrastructure.

He said to go with the PLP will guarantee on day one, “corruption and scandal”.

The prime minister pledged if given another mandate to serve, to extend the seawall and shoreline protection; advance the hurricane shelter program; refurbish docks and ferry terminals; continue roadworks; continue upgrades to government schools and police stations throughout the island; expand the government dock in Marsh Harbour and through a major public, private partnership, build a new Marsh Harbour port.

He also committed to creating a national memorial park in The Mudd.

The prime minister said his administration has continued to take “strong and proactive measures” to support the resurgence of Abaco’s economic vibrancy.

To this end, Minnis announced the government will implement if elected, a fully staffed civil registry in Marsh Harbour for the registration of all births, deaths, property documents, among others, not dissimilar to Grand Bahama.

He said the establishment of a full office of a registrar general will facilitate the ease of doing business on the island.

The prime minister touched on plans to upgrades for Abaco’s healthcare system to limit the need for residents to have to travel to New Providence for services; completed improvements to the Treasure Cay water distribution system and major restoration works completed on the Green Turtle Cay customer service office and pumping station building.

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The current government program has done a poor job rebuilding in Abaco. Worry about others while in Treasure Cay, for instance, still no water or sewer and no information on what is happening with Marina, beach bar and still no grocery store.

They know how to sell…all lies they want power of authority to do whatever they please again…I really don’t think they care about Abaco at all…

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