PM: Temporary tent housing to be completed in four weeks

PM: Temporary tent housing to be completed in four weeks
Prime Minster Dr. Hubert A. Minnis

Thousands displaced following devastating storm

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Tent cities intended to encourage displaced residents from Grand Bahama and Abaco to return and rebuild on the storm-ravage islands as the government, its agencies and a range of international organizations continue the early stages of recovery, could be completed within three to four weeks, Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis announced yesterday.

When asked about the timeline for the temporary housing he previously announced, Minnis said, “I have been informed that they should be completed in three to four weeks. The individuals will be returned to their respective land.”

Minnis has said the government will establish tent cities and allow people to stay in mobile homes on their properties as they seek to recover and rebuild in the affected northwest islands.

The prime minister advised that many Abaconians have requested permission to bring trailers onto their properties to live on the compound during the rebuilding process.

He also said the government was discussing the establishment of a man camp for workers rebuilding the areas.

Eyewitness News understands plans are being finalized for the man camp.

While plans have yet to be revealed for the layout of the temporary housing, Minnis previously said that each unit in the tent city is expected to have two bedroom facilities, dining and cafeteria facilities, recreational area, and facilities for authorities.

Asked about contingencies on the islands if another weather system travels toward Grand Bahama or Abaco, Minnis said responded “Pray to God.”

Dorian, one of the strongest storms to make landfall in the Atlantic, ravaged the islands three weeks ago. At least 53 people died in the storm, thousands have been left without a home and communities appear worn-torn.

More than 5,500 people were evacuated from the affected islands, according to the National Emergency Management Agency.

Over 2,000 people were being housed in shelters across New Providence as of last week.

The death toll following Dorian is at least 53.