PM outlines 10-year plan to develop Bahamian leaders

PM outlines 10-year plan to develop Bahamian leaders
Dr. Minnis, centre, is accompanied in the ceremony by Minister of Foreign Affairs, Darren Henfield and Bahamas Consul General/Miami, Florida, Linda Mackey. (BIS Photos/Yontalay Bowe)

The Free National Movement (FNM) administration seeks to aid Bahamians in their post-graduate education with aspirations of creating leaders, according to Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis.

The remarks came at the official ribbon cutting of The Bahamas’ new Consulate General Office in South Florida on June 21.

In a call to all Bahamians studying in the United States (U.S), Dr. Minnis requested assistance in identifying students abroad who could be, “developed as the top and the best in the country”. He also stated that the government has a 10-year plan to identify Bahamians studying ‘abroad’.

Dr. Minnis added that students identified from abroad, as well as students from the University of The Bahamas (UB), who meet the criteria, would be automatically offered a one-year contract to work for the government in areas identified by the administration.

“Ivy League colleges and other top colleges will be identified to send these persons to so that they could complete a Master’s Degree or whatever is necessary and at the full expense of the Bahamas government,” Dr. Minnis said.

He continued stating that upon matriculation of studies, those individuals whom are selected, would be expected to return to The Bahamas to assist in the building of the country.

“Such individuals will be placed in top positions in the various government sectors,” he said.

“At the end of the intended 10-year plan, those who had participated would be identified as the best in The Bahamas and they would be at the top and the future leaders of The Bahamas,” he confirmed.

Dr. Minnis encouraged the audience to spread the word to qualified applicants that “there is a job waiting for them in The Bahamas”.

He also made it clear that those taking part in the program would not be paid, “peanuts” but would be paid a good salary.

The new location of The Bahamas Consulate General Office is 100 North Biscayne Blvd. Miami.