PM orders full probe

PM orders full probe
Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis.

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – Prime minister Dr. Hubert Minnis has ordered a full probe into the protocol and organizations involved in the Byron Ferguson plane crash, in an effort to possibly change national emergency response protocol, according to an official statement released Sunday from the Cabinet office.

“I will order a full review by competent experts of the protocols, procedures and agencies involved in air accident response and investigations in The Bahamas, including any systemic or structural problems,” the statement read.

“The report by these experts will be shared with the public once completed.

“The Government will examine the report and make any necessary changes to air disaster response in our country. The Government will then consider and take any corrective measures that may be indicated by the facts.”

The prime minister’s announcement came on the heels of a public outcry concerning the way in which authorities handled the investigation of the Byron Ferguson plane crash.

Many on social media also took exception to the lack of communication between authorities, Ferguson’s family and the media.

Civil Aviation authorities and the Ministry of Tourism and Aviation have already commenced investigations into the accident, which occurred November 8.

“I have instructed that all resources are brought to bear to ensure this investigation is handled properly,” the prime minister said.

The statement said the prime minister has communicated with the Ferguson family, and he urged Bahamians to keep the Ferguson family in their prayers.

The nation’s chief also thanked members of the armed forces and civilians for their efforts in bringing some resolve to the ongoing saga.

“I would like to thank The Bahamas Air Sea Rescue Association, the United States Coast Guard, the Royal Bahamas Defence Force and all other volunteers for their response and assistance during this incident,” he said.