PM offers condolences, warns public to allow police to properly investigate Labour Day tragedy

PM offers condolences, warns public to allow police to properly investigate Labour Day tragedy
Prime Minister, Dr. Hubert Minnis.

The nation’s leader expressed his condolences in Parliament to the families of the four women who lost their lives last Friday during the Labour Day parade, and warned that the public must not be led by speculation and allow a proper investigation to be carried out.

“I wish to reassure the public that the Royal Bahamas Police Force and other relevant authorities are investigating the matter,” said Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis.

“The various authorities will report their findings and what subsequent actions may be taken in the wake of this tragedy. In investigating and reviewing this matter, we must be guided by the rule of law and fairness.”

Dr. Minnis’  remarks came as he addressed parliamentarians in the House of Assembly (HOA) on Wednesday.

In his brief statement, Dr. Minnis offered condolences on behalf of government and his wife.

He mentioned that this past Saturday, he visited the injured who remained in hospital, as well as the mourning families of the faithfully departed.

He also gave an update about the injured victims stating that two individuals remain in Doctor’s Hospital while one other remains at Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH).

He also expressed that the wounds of the injured were more than just physical but also psychological, emotional and spiritual, and will require various forms of healing and support.

During his address, Dr. Minnis also cautioned the public not to engage in idle speculation and rumors about the tragedy.

Dr. Minnis also commended those who came to the aid of the victims and government officials, who he said quickly responded in the wake of the tragedy.

“We will continue to offer support and care to those in need …we are committed to doing all that we can … we are one people united in love,” he said.

“We remain united in this time of tragedy and suffering.”


This article was written by GINELLE LONGLEY, Eyewitness News intern.