PM: National ID card by early 2023

PM: National ID card by early 2023

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Prime Minister Philip Davis said yesterday that he is eyeing the roll-out of a national identification system over the next 10 months, with the distribution of a national identification card in early 2023.

Davis who was addressing a Digital Transformation Symposium yesterday noted that any serious effort to promote national development must involve the inclusion of information technology into the public sector.

“We need all stakeholders to buy into our digital agenda,” he said. 

“We consider the creation of a national identification system and digital  national identity  card as fundamental to the government’s ability to provide government services. It is an essential part of the framework upon which information and communications technology projects can be advanced.”

Davis noted that his administration will continue to progress towards the digitization of government department and agencies, advance the cashless payment process for government services, facilitate the FinTech revolution and provide a regulated environment for cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

According to Davis, an expert in the digital information systems segment will soon be brought on and tasked with developing a strategy and an action plan for the phased implementation of a national digital identification system. 

He added: “I look forward to the rollout of the NIS over the next 10 months and the subsequent distribution of the national e-identity card to citizens of The Bahamas in early 2023.”


We already have the NIB cards. What is this other than an additional expense? Don’t see any need for it.

Mark of the Beast. Cashless society i.e. you cannot buy or sell if they prevent it. This is UN ordered. Our PM is their puppet sadly.

Our NIB card is a national ID card. Please stop wasting our money. Make it make sense to me.

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