PM: I feel sorry for the PLP leader

PM: I feel sorry for the PLP leader
Leader of the Opposition, Phillip Brave Davis.

Davis says nothing can hide the govt’s failures


NASSAU, BAHAMAS – While Opposition Leader Philip Brave Davis chastised the Minnis administration for overselling the prospects of success amid a “litany of non-performance”, Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis retorted last night that he feels sorry for the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) and its leader, whom he called the “master of excuses”.

Following the prime minister’s national address on Monday, Davis said there was little substance to the report and many of the announcements promoted as successes were simply processes of the government.

Davis also said despite the government’s continued efforts to promote a narrative that it has made progress and remains busy to further improvements, the Minnis administration has failed to spur economic activity and create real job growth.

“… Hubert Minnis and his administration have been a disaster for this country,” Davis said in a statement. “The facts show it. Everything is going in the wrong direction.”

During a town meeting at C.V. Bethel Senior High School last night, Minnis said most people were pleased with the many projects and developments he outlined in his report to the nation, and the only response the PLP had was that it would have already achieved certain projects detailed.

“Brave Davis is the master of excuses; the master of what he would have done, but never did,” Minnis told attendees.

He continued, “First of all, the gap between what the PLP promised last time and what they delivered was as deep as the tongue in the ocean,” Minnis said.

“The promised plenty but delivered little.

“The left downtown Nassau in a bad state despite plenty promises to revitalize downtown, but let me say to you tonight that we will fix it.

“I feel sorry for Philip Brave Davis.

“He’s the leader of the opposition and the leader of the opposition is the master of excuses.

“It is now his fulltime job you know, to make excuses for the abysmal failures, corruption, and the… disorder of the Christie/Davis government.”

There are several corruption-related cases of former public officials before the courts, but no PLP has been convicted to date.

Minnis continued, “This is the same leader of opposition who gave us the BAMSI disaster, which cost taxpayers millions of dollars; the same leader of the opposition, who has failed to bring sustainable development for the people of Cat Island on many projects; the same leader who couldn’t relocate the Main Post Office in a timely and affordable manner; the same leader, who along with his colleagues left Grand Bahama in an absolute mess despite big promises; the same leader who was part of a Cabinet that made a mess of Baha Mar and couldn’t get it going in a timely manner; [and] the same leader who failed to bring about a number of new airport projects which this government will bring on stream.”

“The difference between us and them is that we will bring about many new developments and projects without all of the greed and the corruption of certain people trying to shake down our investors.



Minnis said since his administration took office in mid-2017 a number of investors have approached him and said they could not advance projects under the former administration because they were unwilling to “grease the hands of certain PLP muckamucks”.

The prime minister did not name which potential investors made the claim, or whom the investors alleged needed to be paid.