Prime Minister Phillip Davis


That should not be the Bahamian responsibility to take care of thousand and thousands of Haitian our Haitian prime minister is going to run the country to the ground , I understand that you are a Haitian but you took an oath to be the prime minister of the Bahamas meaning Bahamian first . We are the only country that is helping them but they are over doing and another country needs to step in enough is enough

i agree one hundred per cent. that the Bahamas con not take on Haiti by its self. i think the Haitian people are taking advantage of the Bahamian people by squatting on our land don,t pay taxes and using up all our resource like our schools, ours jobs, not to mention our medical fertility that is all ready stretch thin, i am in my seventy and from i was a child Haitian have been coming to the Bahamas, i think the Bahamas is one of the only country in the world that Haitian come to freely and do as they wish, as close as Dominican republic, they cant go there, they cant go to Cuba, and they there not think about going to Jamaica. only in the Bahamas this is alloyed, Haiti is one of the first Caribbean country to get there independent yet they are the least productive country in the Caribbean, everyone know why that is so, the Haitian people just need to read the ten commandment in the bible, the lord sad thou shall have no other god but me, thou shall knot bow down to any other god but me, and we all know the Haitian culture is voodoo, that the reason they cant prosper because they fallow the devil instead of the all mighty GOD.

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