PM: Govt. to recruit more armed forces, finance professionals

PM: Govt. to recruit more armed forces, finance professionals
Senior executive command of the Royal Bahamas Police Force, (centre) COP Anthony Ferguson.

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – The government plans to undertake a recruitment drive for police, immigration and customs officers, according to Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis.

He made the announcement last night during a town meeting at C.V. Bethel Senior High School.

“We need more customs officers as we continue the modernization of customs which began under the previous FNM (Free National Movement) administration,” the prime minister said.

“As we continue to hold a firm line on illegal migration and as we reform the Department of Immigration, we will need more immigration officers.

“We need even more policemen on the streets protecting Bahamians and residents.

“It is essential that we have the capacity to replace, retire uniform branch officers and to boost the numbers in various branches.”

An audit of the Royal Bahamas Police Force, which was made public last year, found that there was an oversaturation of the senior ranks and a lack of strategic recruitment and development to increase productivity, among other deficiencies.

The prime minister did not detail how many uniform branch officers the government’s hopes to engage or a timeframe for the exercise.

He also announced that the Ministry of Finance will hire around 30 people to fill “important positions” in the ministry, some of which will help in the fight against corruption.

“As we continue to modernize government, we need more professional, including young professional who want to serve their country as public officers,” the prime minister said.

“Just last year, the Ministry of Finance launched a recruitment drive for accountants, auditors and other professionals.

“Those who applied included college graduates and veteran professionals.

“I am pleased that there was an extraordinary response to the recruitment drive and the Ministry of Finance will hire approximately 30 people to fill important positions in the Ministry of Finance, including jobs that will help in the fight against corruptions.

“This includes accountants, assistant accountants, program managers, internal auditors, corporate centre officers, data analysts, and others.

“These new recruits will add to the many, many fine public officers who have given our country dutiful service.”