PM: Food stores to open until 10pm today and tomorrow

PM: Food stores to open until 10pm today and tomorrow

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis has announced that grocery store hours will be extended to 10pm today and tomorrow, after scores of shoppers flooded supermarkets ahead of the five-day lockdown.

“The supermarkets have now been extended until 10pm and that would allow every individual to be accommodated,” Minnis said during a press conference today.

The prime minister urged Bahamians to compile their shopping lists in advance, to reduce their time in the supermarket, and assign one individual per household.

He also insisted that everyone wear masks when going in the public, to limit the possible spread of the coronavirus.

Minnis also announced that essential workers will be allowed to shop on Thursday, so they do not need to flock to the store.

As for Family Island grocery stores, the prime minister announced that the government’s alphabetic system is not necessary for those islands.

“The system that they already implemented is working effectively and efficiently and they can continue with that,” he said.

The supermarkets in the Family Islands will be opened until 7pm to accommodate individuals.

Minnis also assured that mailboat services will continue to deliver the necessary goods and wholesale items to the Family Islands, in order for their inventory to be replenished.


Since there is a restriction on the number of people that enter and leave a grocery store then the grocery stores should be open for a much longer period of time to accommodate the restriction. The grocery stores should be open from 6am till midnight and should be open every day of the week. This will prevent all the line ups which will likely cause the spreading of the Virus. Increasing the hours may sound counterintuitive but is logical. The medical profession needs to understand basic economics of demand and supply before they dictate grocery times.

Secondly, what is the logic for closing liquor stores. They can have the same restrictions as to the number of people entering the premises and should be open normal hours. There is no evidence that Liquor has anything to do with the virus spread, Most developed countries like, US, Canada, UK have not closed liquor stores. Do the Bahamas medical doctors know something that the doctors in these countries do not with respect to liquor sales and covid.? Pray tell.

The idea here is to be as safe as possible, this does not mean make peoples life as difficult as possible for no logical or sensible reason.

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