PM: COVID-19 hot spot in eastern New Providence, six new cases confirmed

PM: COVID-19 hot spot in eastern New Providence, six new cases confirmed
Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis

Suspected patient is confirmed positive, first COVID-19 death in country

One of the new cases has a link to Grand Bahama

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis announced six new cases of COVID-19 in New Providence.

Minnis said health officials have identified a hot spot in eastern New Providence.

“The hot spot is confined to the eastern end of New Providence,” he said.

“It’s in the east.”

The suspected patient, Kim Johnson-Rolle, has tested positive for the virus.

She is the first COVID-19 related death in the country.

Rolle is the sister of Minister of Immigration Elsworth Johnson.

Minnis offered condolences to the minister and his family.

He advised Family Island residents that emergency powers orders applied to the entire Bahamas.

Rolle had a “significant clinical suspicion” of COVID-19, according to officials.

She died in Princess Margaret Hospital shortly after being airlifted from Bimini on Monday night.

Concerns over the island’s healthcare capacity center on the timeframe to airlift Rolle, and the availability of ventilators.

Minnis also urged Family Islanders not to allow anyone to enter their borders as all domestic inter-island travel was prohibited.

He urged them not to be tempted to come to Nassau, or to allow loved ones to travel to them.

In a later press statement, the Ministry of Health confirmed there are four confirmed cases in Grand Bahama, sixteen in New Providence and one confirmed case from Bimini.


So I guess that means that the right honorable prime minister minnis is telling all of the Bahamians that live in the family islands that they can not travel to Nassau for emergency care??? That is absolutely disgusting! Aren’t the family islands also part of why he got elected?
I pray to god he does something soon to alleviate the stress and concerns of all the residents on the family islands. Like they say… you can talk the talk but you need to walk the walk PM Minnis!

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