PLP to create weed committee

PLP to create weed committee
Leader of the Opposition, Philip Davis.

Leader of the Opposition Philip Davis said recently that the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) is set to create a committee to probe and make recommendations on the merits of legalising marijuana in The Bahamas.

In a statement released Monday, Davis noted that the opposition is sympathetic to anyone who has been negatively affected by the current anti-drug laws in the country, and hopes to work with the current administration to see that any laws affecting the plant are reviewed or removed as needed.

“The PLP takes note of the recently released unanimous report on marijuana in the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), which we are a part, that was presented at last week’s Heads of Government meeting in Montego Bay,” Davis wrote.

“The PLP also takes note of the widespread public interest in this matter both for medicinal and recreational use.

“We propose forthwith to appoint our own review panel to make recommendations on this.

“We sympathize with those who have been disproportionately affected by the anti-drug laws, particularly our young people, and those who are in need of medical marijuana to obtain relief.”