PLP slams PM following church service remarks

PLP slams PM following church service remarks
Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) Senator Fred Mitchell.

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – On the heels of Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis lambasting the former administration at the Free National’s Movement’s church service on Sunday, the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) wasted no time to respond, its chairman charging that the prime minister must have been looking in the mirror when he called the PLP corrupt.

“We remind him of the biblical story where Jesus condemned those who beat their breasts and say aloud: ‘Thank God I am not like other men’. That is a sure sign that he is trying to deflect from the sins of the FNM. The Prime Minister is the Chief Pharisee,” said PLP chairman Fred Mitchell in a statement issued Monday.

Mitchell’s comments were in response to a number of comments made by the former administration on Sunday, at the FNM’s church service to commemorate their second year in office.

At the service, the prime minister told congregants that the PLPruled ‘under a cult of personality, a sense of entitlement, mass corruption and widespread victimization’.

He also noted that since coming to office, the government has put a stop to: rampant corruption, waste and stealing of the people’s money, the country’s descent into economic collapse and the never-ending downgrades to the economy.

Yesterday, Mitchell said the PLP is not perfect, but it is a ‘more perfect party’ than the FNM, having built this nation and its institutions from the ground up.

According to the PLP chairman, the FNM has nothing to show but their idle and baseless attacks on the PLP and the prime minister should hang his head in shame.

Mitchell said he finds it hard to accept that the prime minister would state that the PLP is the party of corruption, when there has only been one conviction on corruption and that person was an FNM.

The PLP chairman said since the prime minister has come to office, there has been many instances of corruption.

“We have had self-dealing by his Minister of Immigration, patched up by using their majority in Parliament to say it is okay for the Minister to give himself a contract for the Post Office in the Town Centre Mall.

“This is classic conflict of interest,” Mitchell said.

“Who can forget the crooked Oban Deal, with the prime minister sitting and watching a fake signing taking place for a fake deal which has so far produced nothing for Grand Bahama.

“Then there are the two Ministers of the Government who stand judicially condemned for the role they played in the case COP vs the Commissioner of Police.

“Dr. Duane Sands and Marvin Dames must resign or be dismissed.”