PLP Senator: The FNM Government is mixed up like conch salad

PLP Senator: The FNM Government is mixed up like conch salad
Progressive Liberal Party Chairman, Senator Fred Mitchell.

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – “The FNM Government is mixed up like conch salad. They don’t know how to manage government business,” said Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) chairman Senator Fred Mitchell, in response to the government’s commitment to debate the Immigration Bill when the Senate met yesterday.

“When the Senate last met they proffered, and the PLP agreed, to debate the Bills to amend the Companies Act, the Securities Act and the Immigration Act,  Senator Mitchell said.

“The PLP was ready and prepared to do that, only to discover at the last minute that the FNM had no intention of debating the Immigration Act.

“What’s even worse, they have again adjourned the Senate without a date.”

According to Mitchell, the government has no explanation for not proceeding with a bill they rushed through the House of Assembly.

He noted, however, that the PLP intends to offer several amendments to the Bill when it is debated, but the FNM is going ‘blindly’ along.

“It is a disgrace that the FNM proposes to pass a bill to allow professionals to walk into this country without a work permit for two weeks on the premise that they are attending a Board of Directors meeting.

“This FNM sham will be opposed by the PLP whenever it comes to the Senate again. The PLP will never support this wicked bill,” Mitchell’s statement concluded.