PLP congratulates organizers on the success of Carnival

PLP congratulates organizers on the success of Carnival
Progressive Liberal Party Chairman, Senator Fred Mitchell.

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – The Opposition Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) on Sunday congratulated the organizers of Carnival 2019, and also credited the party for bringing the idea to fruition in 2015.

“It seems to have come off well with great support of the public, lots of fun and revelry and few, if any, reported incidents of disorder. We are also happy to hear the reports from vendors of how well they did in sales,” outlined a statement released yesterday from PLP chairman Fred Mitchell.

The PLP chairman noted that when the former Perry Christie-led administration provided seed money for Carnival, there were ‘howls of idle protests’ from the FNM and their ‘cronies’.

He noted, however, that now that Carnival is viewed by many as a profitable and enjoyable event, the Party trusts that the larger community will enjoy the benefits of a decision that was made by the PLP.

The PLP chairman said in addition to Carnival, the party should also be given credit for the establishment of BAMSI (Bahamas Agriculture and Marine Science Institute), NHI (National Health Insurance), regularizing the Gaming Sector, the Baha Mar Resort and Urban Renewal.

Mitchell said these are all policy decisions that were made in the last term of the PLP’s five years in office, which now allows the FNM to state that the economy is doing well.

“They have nothing to show today but the fruits of the PLP’s labour,” said the party’s chairman.

“Add to those: independence, majority rule, the Defence Force and the University of The Bahamas. It is clear that no other party matches the record of the PLP in building this nation.

“Try as the FNM might to change the narrative, the facts speak for themselves.

“The PLP is the party for the people and the nation.”