PLP: Bahamians have stopped listening to PM’s “distractions”

PLP: Bahamians have stopped listening to PM’s “distractions”
Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) Chairman Fred Mitchell. (FILE PHOTO)

PLP Chairman says upcoming election not about Nygard or PLP, but PM’s failed leadership

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) Chairman Fred Mitchell fired back at Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis, accusing him of failing to answer the public on numerous FNM scandals.

Mitchell said the PM’s silence on critical issues has solidified the FNM’s defeat at the polls in 2022.

At a recent town meeting, Minnis called on the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) to address allegations linking the party to Canadian fashion designer Peter Nygard and a sex-trafficking scheme.

The prime minister insisted the opposition party has not changed and, if elected, would go “back to their old ways”.

Minnis  said: “…We remain the party of the people.”

In a statement, Mitchell said it was painful to watch the prime minister struggle to use one distraction after another to deflect from his failed administration.

“The issue is not Peter Nygard or the PLP – the issue is this abject failure of this FNM administration led by Prime Minister Hubert Minnis,” Mitchell said in a statement.

“On the eve of another general election season that he declared, Prime Minister Hubert Minnis has nothing to show for his stewardship except higher taxes on the backs of Bahamians; higher unemployment; mass labour unrest; misery and mass suffering.

“The rich, foreign interests, party donors and friends on the other hand have enjoyed generous tax breaks and sweetheart deals.”

Mitchell said Bahamians cannot wait to see the backs of FNMs, insisting there is consensus about the FNMs failed governance and the desire to vote them out.

He added: “The Bahamian people are not fooled Mr. prime minister. They have stopped listening to you and for sure this upcoming general election is not about Peter Nygard, but a referendum on you and your failed leadership.”

“I urge all Bahamians to remain focused. Join us as we continue to fight for you and the soul of this nation; working together to remove this FNM government from power who has lost the moral authority to continue to govern this country.”

Nygard has been accused of using his wealth and political influence in The Bahamas to lure, rape and sodomize more than 10 women, most of whom were underage guests at the time of the alleged incidents.

It has also been alleged in court documents Nygard provided PLP party members and corrupts police officers with “children and young women to engage in commercial sex acts with”.

The PLP has labelled the allegations as a “mere scare tactics” politically motivated by “FNM surrogates”.

Accusing the prime minister of misleading Parliament on multiple occasions, Mitchell said the Minnis administration is “marred and stained by conflict of interest scandals and judicial condemnation, none of which the prime minister seems capable of answering”.

“Further, he has shown to be unable to account for the billions of dollars in loans his government has borrowed and as a result he has clearly lost the confidence of the Bahamian people and the moral authority to govern,” Mitchell said.

“These egregious issues remain outstanding to date and must be answered by the prime minister.”

Mitchell added: “No amount of deflection, political posturing, bluster and diatribe can change this reality.”