Plans set for Run Dirty obstacle course race

Plans set for Run Dirty obstacle course race
A participant completes part of he course in the Dirty Run obstacle race last year. (Photo: Dirty Run Bahamas)

The 2018 Run Dirty obstacle course race takes place next weekend in New Providence, with the five kilometer obstacle run specially designed to challenge each participants endurance and willpower.

This year’s race takes place on May 26 at 6:00 a.m. at Longwharf. Registration is $35 for individuals and $30 for teams.

“This year, one of the major changes to the race is that it won’t be held at the fort,” said race organizer Jayson Clarke.

“The obstacles will be a bit tougher this year. Last year was pretty tough, but this year will really test the competitors. We are looking to get going at 6:00 a.m. and want to have everyone done by at least 8:30.”

Leading up to this year’s event, registered participants received complimentary training and wellness consultancy from Elite Wellness Solutions and Bowflex Barbie Fitness.

“We tried to dive a little deeper than just telling the participants to eat more fruits and vegetable,” said Elite Wellness founder Ethan Quant.

“We tried to encourage healthy lifestyles, things that can transcend past this event. We encourage discipline and just an all around lifestyle change, and we’re hoping we were able to make an impact.”

Bowflex Barbie Fitness founder Dekel Nesbitt added: “Me and my trainers first examined everyone’s fitness level and managed to come up with something that would be beneficial to everyone involved. We made precautions just in case anyone had any lingering injuries or anything that could get hurt or become sore, because we wanted to create something sustainable so that people would keep coming back. Because that’s the most important thing.”