Plans on the drawing board for shuttered Port Lucaya marina — timing not right

Plans on the drawing board for shuttered Port Lucaya marina — timing not right
Port Lucaya marina

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — A Grand Bahama marina operator said yesterday plans were on the drawing board for a significant investment in the Port Lucaya Marina, telling Eyewitness News that the facility remains closed temporarily.

Preben Olsen, the Grand Bahama Yacht Club’s principal said: “We certainly are looking at that. We have all of the designs in place. We have plans to expand it. That marina has been very popular.

“It’s not a good time to make any major investment right now. We also have right across the canal a five star yacht club that can accommodate the boats. The numbers are really low right now and that is why we closed down Port Lucaya temporarily. Power is expensive, staff is not cheap and so to keep two marinas open that are not close to full doesn’t make sense but something will be done in the future.”

Olsen acknowledged that on Tuesday a part of the Port Lucaya marina collapsed, with photos of the damage making the rounds on social media.

“It is indeed a part of our marina that collapsed. Port Lucaya is quite an old marina. I guess from the various storms we have had there has been some deterioration underneath some of the sea walls,” said Olsen.

He continued: “Fortunately it was an area we had not been using for some time. It’s an area that had been leased out to a commercial operation, taking people out diving and snorkeling.

“They have actually not been in operation since March. No one was hurt and frankly it is not affecting the marinas as such. It’s something that needs to be repaired and I’ve met with the engineer who is dealing with the reconstruction.”

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