PHA to seek legal action over purported leak of GB patient information

PHA to seek legal action over purported leak of GB patient information

NASSAU, BAHAMAS —The Public Hospitals Authority (PHA) has launched a criminal investigation into the leak of a purported confidential document concerning patients in Grand Bahama.

In a statement today, the PHA said the matter was referred to authorities for prosecution of anyone engaged in the leak and circulation of the document under the Data Protection Act.

“The public is advised that patient health records are confidential and cannot be released without the consent of the patient,” the statement read.

“Any breach of this privacy is punishable under the Data Protection (Privacy of Personal Information) Act and all persons found to have obtained unauthorized health information and forwarded this information will be brought before the Court.

“Persons who receive any and such information via email, WhatsApp or other media source are encouraged to delete not forward or share this information with other persons.”

It added: “Grand Bahama Health Services continues to maintain the strictest commitment to the privacy of its patients and the protection of their health information.”

Assistant Superintendent Terecita Pinder confirmed Grand Bahama police received a complaint on Friday.

“Police received a complaint from the Public Hospital Authority, which person(s) unknown had obtained an alleged confidential document pertaining to clients, that belong to the Public Hospital Authority and that information is now circulating on social media and among the public,” Pinder said in a statement.

“Police are now aggressively investigating this matter and those person(s) involved in the dissemination of this document will be arrested and taken before the court.”


The realease of the patient’s name is wrong. I totally disagree with it. But it had to come from in. Persona should be made to sign confidentiality letters. Systema should be able to record all info where access was obtained in a repory.

But persons should know where and when the infection occurred.

And what civilian has access to these records? My point exactly. Always coming with that bs to the people when it’s obvious only someone who works in these areas are responsible for any confidentiality breaches. Keep your investigations internal because you know exactly where to look for the persons you want to lock up . I’m just fed up with this government always on the witch-hunt for foolishness. It’s doctor- patient confidentiality for a reason and no non medical person would or could be responsible for the leaking of any such information. My response to this is get the hell out of here thank you very much.

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