Pay your W&SC bill or be sent to court

Chairman of the Water & Sewerage Corporation, Adrian Gibson.

Gibson: delinquent customers collectively owe more than $45 million


NASSAU, BAHAMAS – Consumers with delinquent accounts at the Water and Sewerage Corporation will be forced to make their accounts current or face the court, warned Water and Sewerage Corporation Executive Chairman Adrian Gibson on Wednesday.

“We have not forgotten those customers, so if payments are not made or if payment plans are not put in place we intend to pursue those persons legally,” he said.

“There are persons who do not pay sewer bills at all and the corporation cannot disconnect persons from sewer because it has to do with sanitation and health, but we will be pursuing them as well.

“You’re not going to be able to come in here, get a payment plan and not pay, and repeatedly do that just to be turned on. If persons do not abide by their payment plans they will not be turned on until they do.”

Gibson indicated that delinquent customers collectively owe more than 45 million dollars to W&SC.