Patient zero traced in GB second wave

Patient zero traced in GB second wave
Freeport during previous lock down order (BIS)

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — A 27-year-old man became the first confirmed coronavirus case of the second wave in Grand Bahama, just days after coming into contact with two people who travelled to Florida, contact tracing on the island has revealed.

The man, who travelled to Fort Lauderdale, returned to the island on June 30.

He became symptomatic on July 3, according Dr Frank Bartlett, who leads the COVID task force in Grand Bahama.

Bartlett made the revelation during a Ministry of Health press conference yesterday.

“Of that grouping, in that single cluster we have some 12 persons [who] can be directly linked to that group,” he said.

“Of that grouping, we are testing contacts of contacts.”

Of the people traced as social contacts, the age ranges from six to 84.

He said of those who have tested positive for the virus on the island, their ages range from 30 to 49.

He said most carriers of the virus on the island experience flu-like and respiratory symptoms, followed by fever, and a small minority have reported lost of taste and smell.

According to Bartlett, more than 518 people have been tested for the virus as of Wednesday.

He said expanding testing is ongoing among targeted groups, but mass testing has not been undergone.

Contact tracing has identified 230 people, according to Bartlett, who noted that group continues to grow daily.

A total of 422 people have been quarantined on the island.

Of that figure, 111 were self-isolating at home, nine in isolation at the government quarantine center and 20 people in quarantine at the government center.

He said the hospital on the island has housed two COVID-19 patients, after a third patient was transferred to Doctors Hospital West in New Providence.

As it relates to capacity, Bartlett said health officials continue to identify isolation facilities to accommodate anticipated cases in the days to come.


Yea right so I suppose to believe that person got sick in 3 days , all these fake doctors are working for the globalist and bill Gates to try there stinking vaccine on us and try control us

Count it again sweetheart. He became symptomatic 3 days after returning home not after being exposed.

Wouldn’t one of the two people be patient zero if they also travelled to Florida, particularly before the 27yo man? Or are they not residents of GB? Did he come into contact with them only in Florida? If so, how stupid was that? And this news report could be more clearly written.

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