Passport backlog decreases by the hundreds

Weekend system responsible for increased efficiency, officials say 

A new weekend collection system at the country’s main passport hub is said to have helped improve efficiency for citizens looking to travel this summer, with one senior official confirming a significant decrease in the backlog of passport processing.

Acting Chief Passport Officer Shevaughn Dean told Eyewitness News yesterday that of the nearly 1,500 passports waiting to be picked up, almost half that number have already been collected as a result of the recently implemented system.

“About 1357 passports were waiting to be picked up and we are now down to 958 passports since yesterday (Wednesday),” Dean said during an interview at Anatol Rodgers High School – the new collection point.

“As you know, we’re now in the summer period where most persons tend to travel around August, so they’re taking the initiative to come in and get they’re passports.”

As a result of the programme’s success, Dean said, weekend collections will continue for the entire month of August.

In the meantime, Dean confirmed that the passport office is still in search of larger new offices.

She encouraged passport holders and applicants to take advantage of the new, updated system to help the process move more seamlessly.

She reminded application to bring in valid form of identification along with their old passport and noted that, “if the applicant has someone else come in to get their passport, you need to give that person a proxy letter.”