Parkinson’s Foundation hopes to “start the conversation” at Ball set for April 6

Parkinson’s Foundation hopes to “start the conversation” at Ball set for April 6

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – The Kingdor National Parkinson Foundation has been planning gala balls for the past 19 years, and this year, the foundation is promising an unforgettable event that would also leave attendees with a greater awareness of the disease.

Mavis Darling-Hill, chairperson of the Kingdor National Parksinson Foundation told Eyewitness News on Tuesday that this year’s theme of the Parkinsons ball, “start a conversation,” will encourage Bahamians to become more involved and knowledgeable about the disease.

“We feel it’s very necessary to talk about Parkinson’s disease. We want them to get in touch with themselves and really talk about how it feels to be stricken with this disease and what is happening with them,” Hill said.

Hill said that this year’s ball is going to be outstanding, and she is encouraging those that are attending to meet and greet any and everybody as it is that type of event.

“We have a very wonderful event for the 6th of April at 6:45p.m. at the Melia Hotel. Those attending will be welcomed in the foyer and from there it goes on to photo taking,” Hill said.

Vice-chairman of the Kingdor National Parkinson Foundation, Rochielle Bevans told Eyewitness News Online that the ball is a paid event, but the Foundation puts on other charitable events like fun-run walks and speech competitions to assist caregivers and make preparations for the ball a little easier.

“The ball is a paid event of $250 per person, and of course the organization does not get the entire $250,” Bevans explained.

Bevans said the ball is important to the organization because it is an opportunity for those that have the disease to come out and meet others that are suffering as well, and for the foundation to get a better idea of how many persons in the country suffer from Parkinson’s.

“Moving forward, our group has dedicated ourselves to providing more tangibles for Parkinsonians, however our biggest challenge is finding which persons in society are stricken with Parkinson’s disease,” Bevans said.

The organization’s hope is that after the ball, they obtain more members and are able to provide assistance to more persons with the disease.