“Outrageous” plane purchase panned by FNM

“Outrageous” plane purchase panned by FNM

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — The government’s recent decision to acquire an aircraft for $2.5 million has “angered and offended the Bahamian people,” according to officials from the Free National Movement.

Shanendon Cartwright, the party’s Deputy Leader, described the move—which government officials argue will help the government save costs on family island travel—as outrageous and unnecessary.

“The government has given no details other than its intended use of travel around the country for government officials. There was no information given regarding personnel, long-term operational and maintenance costs, or the company or vendor who will facilitate the sale to the government,” Cartwright said.

“Moreover, Bahamians are quite disturbed that such an allocation was determined when there are so many other budgetary needs in other ministries such as social services, education, national security and others.”

The St. Barnabas Member of Parliament suggested that an aircraft to assist with ambulatory services for emergency patient travel from family islands to the capital would have been a better use of public funds.

“On behalf of the Bahamian people, we call upon the government to provide a comprehensive utilization plan and long-term cost outlay for the aircraft use and impact on Bahamian taxpayers,” Cartwright continued.

“Bahamians are challenged on so many fronts, from taxes to government fees to overall cost of living struggles.

“The proposed acquisition of a $2.5 million aircraft has left Bahamians outraged and demanding more answers. The government should reverse the decision.”