Out of the office, on to the streets

Out of the office, on to the streets

Administrative police officers to assist with crime fight


NASSAU, BAHAMAS – In an effort to combat crime, especially during the holiday season, the Royal Bahamas Police Force is not only beefing up patrols, but they are also moving officers out of administrative areas to have them assist with fighting crime.

“I think you understand the importance of our administration to run our organization [but] we have scaled down on the number of officers in our administration areas and put them on the streets,” said Supt. Shanta Knowles at a press conference Wednesday at the police headquarters.

The country’s murder count as of yesterday stood at 86, following a double homicide that was recorded Wednesday in the area of Jubilee Gardens.

Supt. Knowles confirmed that the murder count is down in comparison to the same time last year. However, Commander of the Traffic Division, Mareno Hinds, said his department cannot report the same.

Hinds revealed that the traffic division has seen an increase this year in traffic matters in comparison to last year.

The traffic fatality count presently stands at 59, but Hinds said The Bahamas has done progressively better compared to 10 years ago.

“The numbers were even greater [10 years ago] than the numbers we have now, so you can see they [the Bahamian public] are adhering to the information that we are providing them.

“We have recognized that persons are not driving as recklessly as they have in the past, so we have seen a fluctuation from year-to-year,” Hinds said.

As for overall crime statistics, Supt. Knowles said these numbers are not ready, but she did reveal that there has been an approximate 14 per cent decrease in armed robbery cases compared to this same time last year.

She also revealed that the Anti-Crime Unit has found that many Bahamians and tourists are failing to declare their travelling funds when it amounts to more than $10,000.

She urged travellers to declare their funds to prevent being charged before the courts.