Opposition to vote ‘no confidence’ in Speaker

Opposition to vote ‘no confidence’ in Speaker

Members of the Official Opposition, led by Progressive Liberal Party Leader, Phillip Davis, are expected to move a resolution for a vote of ‘no confidence’ on House Speaker, Halson Moultrie, this Wednesday.

Moultrie suspended three opposition members for two sittings last week after they members walked out of Parliament when the Speaker launched a verbal attack on retired senior clerk, Maurice Tynes.

A successful ‘no confidence’ vote would mean that the Speaker will have to vacate the chair as House members debate the resolution.

Meanwhile, Englerston MP, Glenys Hanna Martin, was expected to return to Parliament today however, she issued a statement early this morning stating that she will not return to Parliament until Wednesday opting to return once the suspension is lifted for the other members of her party.

“In these circumstances,” the statement read, “I have determined not to attend Monday’s proceedings  in solidarity with my Parliamentary colleagues. We shall return to the House on February 14, united to pursue a Motion of No Confidence in the Speaker.”

Hanna Martin was named and suspended three weeks ago after attempting to raise the issue of two employees who were fired from the Exuma International Airport. One week later the remaining three were suspended from the House.